Five Golden Rules for Cleaning Data in Power BI

Data Cleaning Flowchart (Image from The Big Data Club)

Dealing with Column headers

Five steps to clean Column Headers (Image from The Big Data Club)

Promote Headers and Remove Top Rows

Rename Columns

# Correct Spelling error
Saels --> Sales
# Add Space between words
Targetcountry --> Target Country
Target_Country --> Target Country
# Expand Abbreviation
Dept --> Department
# Remove technical jargon
TimeStamp --> Date and Time, Purchase Date

Remove Columns

Unpivot Columns

Sample data (Image by Author)
Unpivoted data (Image by Author)

Pivot Columns

Pivot Column window (Image by Author)
Pivoted data (Image by Author)

Dealing with Row Values

Options to clean row values (Image from The Big Data Club)

Rename a query

Replace values

Replace null values

Remove duplicates

Choosing right column data types

Choosing Right Column Types (Image from The Big Data Club)

Assigning Right Data Type to Columns

Formatting Values

Combining Tables

Ways to Combine tables (Image from The Big Data Club)

Append Queries

Merge Queries

Profiling Data

Options to profile data (Image from The Big Data Club)

Column Distribution

Profiling options (Image by Author)
Sample Column Distribution graph (Image by Author)

Column Quality

Sample Column Quality (Image by Author)

Column Profile

Sample Column profile (Image by Author)



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